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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are several questions that we often received. 

Questions about Entering Work

Questions about Costs and Fees

Questions about the Exhibition

#Entering Work

What if I don't know the framed size yet?

Please enter the actual size of the artwork, this is for the judges reference. If you know the framed size enter it now, if not please estimate and enter what you think the finished size will be. If your work is shortlisted you will be sent a proof sheet on which you can amend the size details.

Does work have to be framed?

Whether or not you choose to frame your artwork is up to you. However, all work must be presented to a gallery standard. Unless it is inherent to the piece, unframed edges should be clean or neatly painted. All work on paper should be mounted, glazed and free of dust or hair.

Can I enter a triptych or group of paintings?

If you have more than one piece (painting, print, photograph or sculpture) that you want to show and sell as one piece then you should photograph, or create one jpeg of the grouping and enter it as one work.

#Costs and Fees

Do I have to pay to register?

It is free to register, but you will need to purchase entry credits before you can submit your entry.

About the Exhibition

How many pieces will be hung?

We will be using one gallery from January 2012 which holds between 180-200 artworks. The actual number will vary depending on the size of works selected by the judging panel.

How many pieces are entered and chosen each year?

The number of entries has grown each year. In 2012 we had just over 1,500 entries of which nearly 385 were shortlisted. From the shortlisted works 200 were hung. Very often an artist had multiple entries shortlisted, but only one or two hung.

Painting is the most competitive category, representing 55% of all entries, with the other categories sharing the remaining 45% in 2010 (15% photography, 7% sculpture, 6% drawing & illustration). The shortlist reflects the percentage of overall entries, in other words if sculpture represents 7% of the total entries the shortlist to be made up of 7% sculpture etc.

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Entry Details

Key Dates - August Show

02 Jun Deadline for Entries
21 Jun Shortlist of Works Announced
22-31 Jul Optional Delivery of Shortlisted Works to Parcel Post
04-05 Aug Delivery of Shortlisted Works to Cork Street Gallery
06 Aug Final Selection of Works Announced, Exhibition Hung
08 Aug Thursday: Ticketed Private View
09 Aug Exhibition Opens
14 Aug Artist's Reception
16 Aug Final Day of Exhibition
16-17 Aug Collection of Unsold Work Optional Return of Unsold Work to Transport Partner
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